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Hongqiang Zhao

Independent Director

Mr. Hongqiang Zhao has been serving as our independent director since May 2018. Mr. Zhao currently also serves as an independent director of Li Auto Inc. (Nasdaq: LI; SEHK: 2015), an independent non-executive director of Beisen Holding Limited (SEHK: 9669), Gogox Holdings Limited (SEHK: 2246) and YSB Inc. (SEHK: 9885). Previously, Mr. Zhao served as an executive director and chief financial officer at Bairong Inc. (SEHK: 6608) between June 2018 and May 2023. Prior to that, Mr. Zhao was the chief financial officer of NetEase Lede Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch from October 2014. Previously, Mr. Zhao served as an assistant chief auditor at the PCAOB, a regulatory oversight agency under the SEC of the United States. He worked at KPMG LLP in the United States from August 2001 to February 2009, with the most recent position being an audit manager. Mr. Zhao accumulated corporate governance knowledge and experience through his aforementioned positions and directorships. Mr. Zhao received his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Tsinghua University and his master’s degree in accountancy from George Washington University.